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Company Profile


We work with farmers, processors and end-users of organic nuts, grains and food ingredients across marketing and logistics.

Since 2003 we have been actively involved in importing and exporting both conventional and organic nuts, grains, oilseeds, rice and food ingredients.

We are a major supplier of organic grains to the Australian organic flour  and  feed milling industries and organic feed grains and organic hay to the organic dairy industry. Over the past years we have supplied Australian customers with imported Certified Organic  ancient grains such as amaranth and quinoa as well as millet, sunflower seed, linseed, sesame seed and rolled oats.

We are an Australasian agent for one of Canada’s premier organic rye and spelt millers and have been a major supplier to Australian artisan bakers through our relationships with major Australian organic flour millers…with whom we work to source imported product when Australia is in short supply. We also work with clients to develop export markets – handling all logistics and international trade administration from currency hedging to warehousing and freight.

We also trade in conventional grains, nuts, pulses and oilseeds. In 2012 we were an active exporter of Desi Chickpeas, Lentils, Milling Wheat, Lupins and Maize. In 2013 and 2014 our focus has been on wheat and canola exports and niche commodities.  In particular 2013 saw us incorporate Organic Commodities Pte Ltd in Singapore and commence shippong rice from Myanmar with a JV company based in Yangon staffed by one Australian and two local employees.

Our business continues to expand into new areas

– supplying organic soybeans, soy grits (kibble, and organic enzyme active soyflour to innovative and growing health food manufacturers

– supplying Full Container Loads of High Quality Cashew Nuts to confectionery manufacturers

– importing a range of bakery ingredients – including linseed and sesame seed

– trading in food ingredients such as Wheat Gluten

– shipping broken rice from Myanmar to various destinations

We research counterparty credibility and ensure contract performance.