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Our team

Organic Commodities Pty Ltd was started in Sydney by Mark Visser in 2003.

Mark commenced his career in Amsterdam, Holland in 1980 as a trainee commodity trader with a large trading house. He has worked in 7 countries – born and raised in Australia – Mark speaks English, Dutch and German.

Over the years he has traded physical commodities ranging from wheat and wheat flour, to pulses, sugar, milk powder, soya and soy products to amaranth and quinoa. Mark consults to some of Australia’s largest grain and cotton producers. His depth of experience across so many commodities has been a key feature attracting farming operations, processors and end users to use the services of Organic Commodities. He hold a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Sydney and an MBA from the University of New England.

The company employs a diverse range of people indirectly through outsourcing functions such as accounting, freight, logistics, sales and marketing.

All outsourcing of marketing and sales functions is done on a profit sharing basis. The business model we currently employ does not support a typical salaried corporate structure … but rather  a rewards structure based on a fair and equitable split of profit margins.